COD (Cash on Delivery)

It would not be a surprise if we inform you how Cash On Delivery (COD) is currently one of the most popular modes of payments. With a vast amount of benefits and advantages that it brings, it is natural for this mode of payment to become the most common payment method. For this reason, Droply has also not shied away from bringing this option to our clients. Since the buyers do not have to pay anything before the services get rightfully executed, this option helps Droply customers in gaining some confidence in the shipping services we bring to them.


Almost every one of us is aware of the benefits that COD option offers. From being classified as a secured method to a handy payment option, COD is something that can be exercised by anyone, anywhere without much restrictions. Given below are a few of the factors, Droply has made this option available for its valuable clients:

  1. Ensures a product’s right condition and the client’s complete satisfaction
  2. Reaches out to buyers who don’t have means to make an online payment
  3. Protects client from scams and frauds
  4. Maintains trust
  5. Builds Stronger relationship

So, Whether you ship packages or require pickups from certain destinations, we can do this and much more, at a price and payment method that works for you. Just trust and contact our offices today only to make your shipping troubles go away.