Returns (RTOs)

Return Management

Return to Origin or RTO is a default concept commonly used in the shipping industry. The term in the eCommerce world stands for non-deliverability of a package and its return back to the seller’s address. In such situations, it is the courier agency that fails to deliver the package due to the recipient’s non-availability and thus returns it back to the shipper’s warehouse. As mentioned above, it’s clear that RTO can be an extra expenditure. The lower the rate of RTO, the better it is for you.


Why does a package return to the seller?

Non-availability of the customer to receive the package.

The customer does not accept the package

Incorrect contact details of the customer

The customer orders more than one product and selects a few products while returning the others 

Fake orders

The product is damaged

This return process relies upon the contract signed between the shipper and the courier partner. RTO orders also observe a shipping charge, which in most cases gets borne by the seller. Therefore, in order to avoid this, a reliable courier partner like Droply must be considered that allows you to monitor your buyer behaviour closely.

So, understand your shipping process, identify its gaps and fix them with the support of Droply.