What services do you provide?

We provide pickup, Delivery, COD (Cash on Delivery), RTOs (Returns), Cash Deposit, Packaging, Warehousing and related services for delivery

Yes, we provide services for both B2B & B2C

We accept 78cm x 78cm & weight upto 7kg

We accept cash on delivery, collect cash on client's behalf and deposit back 3-7 days or as per agreement

Yes, we do have the contracts and commitments, if it's B2B we need to make a contract for regular deliveries, where can offer special rates. But for B2C no contract is required

We accept both paid orders & COD (cash on delivery)

1. Book consignment via CRM/ Update via phone/whatsapp 2. Pickup from you (if added tonight or early moring before 5am will be picked up same day) 3. Deliver to customer (Normally Next Day) 4. If COD (Collect Cash) 5. Deduct our Fee 6. Deposit Cash to Consignee with Reports

Lead time for Pickup is Same day, if booked before 2am same day. otherwise next day Lead time for delivery is 1-3 with maximum delivery to next day

You can cancel the shipment before it dispatched, by updating to the customer support assigned via phone or whatsapp.

You can track the order Online http://www.droply.ae/track-trace By messaging to whatsapp: +971 58 144 9136 or by logging to your CRM

Yes. you can pay 6 months advance and get a discount upto 30%

write us an email to contact@droply.ae, whatsapp to +971 58 144 9136, or through Contact form.

If your shipment is cancelled, it will be informed to you and will be returned asap with next pickup or maximum in 1-3 days.

Payments collected on behalf of clients, updated to CRM, service fee is deducted and paid back to the client 3-7 days