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Delivery Services

We provide the Delivery Services from point A to B all over the UAE, with different delivery options as "Next Day Delivery" , "Express Delivery",…

Pickup Services

We provide the Pickup or Collection Services from point A to all over the UAE, with different delivery options as "Next Day Delivery" , "Express…

COD (Cash on Delivery)

We accept COD mode of payment. We collect the invoice amount from its customer in the form of cash at the time of delivery. And…

Market Place

We can provide the facility to list your product in one of the growing marketplace, boost the sales, online payment & get 10% delivery discount

API Integration

We provides APIs to help integrate your web portal with our system/crm, we provide the detailed documentation and further can be integrated easily with your…

RTOS (Returns)

We do our best to deliver the shipment, once management decided that a shipment is unable to be delivered to the end customer, it is…
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We pride ourselves on providing the best possible services available across the UAE. Our trained staff, utilizing the latest communications, online tracking & IT enabled software, combined with decades of the experience through out the system.